Media Storage Security Disposal

Confidential Media Storage Destruction should THOROUGHLY COMPLETE !

Contact Scietech at 3165 1237 to arrange for avoiding from your confidential information leakage
- Security
It is essential that your media storages are destroyed following strict policies and high security standards. Media storages can be collected and disposed of using the latest document disposal equipment.
- Reliable
Media storage is disposed with a reliable and fast media storage disposal methods.
- Professional
With more than 15 years of experience, we have the expertise, technology, policies and processes you need to ensure disposal of your confidential information, in complete compliance with privacy regulations.
- Environment Protection
Services you are acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Where possible, all destroyed media storage is recycled to ensure that the environmental impact of this waste product is minimised. Effectively, for every metric tonne of media storage we recycle, your company is saving environment.
- Certificate
Media Storage Destruction Assurance Certificate can be issued upon request.
- Easy and Convenience
Lockable security box can be provided. Simply fill it with all sensitive media storages then have it picked up and we will take care of media storage destruction for you.
- Collection
We offer free pickups service.
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