Case Studies for Document Scanning
Case 1
A World Wide Manufactory Company

To coping with the in-house document management system, most of the paper documents are needed to be digitiized. We scan a range of accounts information from invoices to expense voucher slips, all indexed to allow retrieval by her in-house Document Management System.

She make use of our regular collections in Hong Kong and over the years we have scanned approximately 1 million pages of information.

Case 2
An International Web Shopping Company

The company is doing a business of web shopping in membership base. A large volume of documents is needed to searching very day. Digitization of documents is the best solution for increasing the efficiency of the normal daily routline. We scan the application forms and related documents including letters and leaflets, all indexed to allow retrieval by our provided Document Imaging Management System.

Case 3
A Large Scale Construction Company

A large volume of paper documents was created in every project.  We scan the documents of each projects which includes letters, photo and drawing of A0 size. We also provide the service of shattering after the process of scanning.

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