Document Security Storage

We are a company of professional document storage being facilitated with the most modern facilities. Our service provides a reliable and affordable document storage, freeing up office space to create a more pleasant working envirnment.

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- Collection and Delivery
Standard size box can be provided for storaging documents, but any size of storage boxes will be also accepted. Our transportation team can provide collection of documents and delivery to your office as demand.
- Low Cost
Storage fee is low as counting on how many boxes of documents being needed to storage.
- Professional
This is part of a professional record management solution. Our state of the art Secure Document Storage Facilities utilize the very latest Record Management Hardware & Software along with the very best security systems ensuring that your Documents are professionally and efficiently managed in a safe and secure manner.
- Fast and Convenience with Document Scanning
Improve access time to find your records once they have been professionally scanned and indexed by our Document Scanning Service. Having digital images on-line, helps reduce time to respond to questions (eliminate telephone tag by answering questions while the customer is on the phone). Your overall customer service should improve.
- Online Document Retrieval
Retrieving documents can be accessed via Web secure online portal. You can login to Web and then view and download.
- Outdated Document Destruction
Once we receive confirmation from you that the Boxes, Files and Documents can be destroyed, we pick the relevant files from our Document Storage Facility, prepare them from destruction and then securely shred them to level 4 security.
The process is then completed and finalised by us issuing you with a destruction certificate to complete any audit trail relevant for your file.
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