Scietech Company Limited was established in 1996 as a document and record management firm. Our main business areas are document digitization, document security storage and document security disposal with computer software system development and application system development.

We are one of few record management company in Hong Kong develops business software applications with the advanced technology. Our developed applications are cross platform on managing document images or record images.

Vast experiences were gained in the field of record management, environment protection and recycle business. 

Through the years, we have developed 2 COMPANY GOALS

1) To develop an advanced application system solution for the idea of paperless in office.

2) To provide a continually service support to our clients in cost efficient way.

In order to achieve the above, besides our organization, we have developed a special relationship with our supplies and trading partners, so as to cater towards the fast changing technological market.

Our vast experience in record management and our inhouse hardware and software team allows us to fill our customers need with efficiency and precision.