Document Scanning

We are specialist in Document Scanning. Our company are facilitated with the most modem scan/image facilities, we has the capability to scan mass of document (e.g Invoice Document, Contract, Certificate, Technical Menu, A0 Drawing, Map or Larger Scale Poster) into a CD-R or DVD. We will work with you to figure out the best solution for your needs.

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- Scanning
After recieving the document from our customer, we will maintain strict accountability of all records in our possession and are committed to safeguarding them throughout the conversion process.
- Image Formats
Document can be scanned into PDF, TIFF, JPG or XDW format in colour or black/white.
- Sorting and Searching
Software tool can be provided for easily sorting and searching.
- Delivery 
We use our own courier services to assure the quick and reliable return of all our clients' records.
- Why Outsource Your Document Scanning
Is it time you made document scanning an integral part of your document management solutions?  What better way to limit the access to confidential documents than to remove the paper files and replace them with electronic files? Just like record storage and document destruction, this is now part of a professional record management solution.
- You Save Time and Money Accessing Files
Improve access time to find your records once they have been professionally scanned and indexed by our Document Scanning Service. Having digital images on-line, helps reduce time to respond to questions (eliminate telephone tag by answering questions while the customer is on the phone). Your overall customer service should improve.
- Occupancy Costs Reduced
Two file cabinets can be reduced in size to one CD once your records are scanned by our professional document scanning solutions, thereby reducing the space required to maintain your records (office space costs are expensive)
- Security
Scanned documents can enhance the security of your vital records by restricting the accessibility of the private, confidential records to those who are authorized to have access to the files.
- Lost and Misfiled Records
Document Scanning can reduce the cost associated with lost, misfiled and checked out files.
- Multiple Access
Once you documents are digitally scanned, you will be allowed to have more than one person have access to a file at one time
- Legal Status 
Digitized documents have the same legal status as original and accepted by IRD (Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department). According to the guidance of IRD at July 2002, scanning of the business records and storing them in CD-ROMs are acceptable as an alternative to keeping of the original documents themselves.
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